Sunday, the day of rest/la domenica, il giorno di riposo

… And so this will be a short message. Today has been another windless and perfect day. This morning I had breakfast and then started talking to the people sitting near me. The one signora, Milena, is from Slovenia and has a Ph.d in Economics (she is here for a conference) and the other is a young dutch student, called Flora,who is studying Communications. We discussed all three of our countries from their languages and politics to their energy related problems and education and Milena told us that her language has a word for example for “he does”, then one for “they do”, but also for “they do” when only 2 people are involved in the action – interesting. Needless to say this discussion carried on for two hours!! I still, however, managed to see St Michele in Bosco – it is beautiful – full of renaissance paintings and the view from the top of the hill is spectacular. Afterwards, I walked down and explored the area around Via Castiglione near my accommodation and also via Orfeo and via del Cestello. I took a city bus tour in the afternoon and have just returned from mass in the lovely and enormous San Domenico church round the corner from San Tommaso. A dopo …. Baci Jean e buona notte

And so this post will be short. Today it was another perfect day and no wind. This morning I started talking to people who you sedevono near me for breakfast. A lady, a doctor of Slovenia, call Milena, studied economics and is here for a Conference in Bologna. The other, called Flora, is a young Dutch student. We produce spoke for nearly 2 hours of many things – problems, languages, politics, energy etc in our countries. It was a very interesting speech. Milena said that in his own language it says e.g. "he does" then "they", but then there's even a Word when there are only two people ... Goodness me... Complicated. I was able to see San Michele in Bosco and thank goodness the Church was beautiful and even the landscape ... See the photos! Are lit walk from Hill and I explored the beautiful area near me – via Castiglione, Via Orfeo and Via Basket etc. I took a City Bus tour this afternoon and I have just returned from mass in the Church of San Domenico ... I ate a pizza .... See you later.... Kisses and good night