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PLIDA certificate is a CERTIFICATE OF KNOWLEDGE OF ITALIAN attesting the competence in Italian as a foreign language. And’ officially recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (conv. n. 1903 del 11/4/1993), by the Ministry of labour and social policy (18.10.2002 Decree) and the Ministry of University and research for university students ' concessionary registration (Prot. No. 1906 of 9.10.2006 and subsequent update prot. No. 1291 of 16.5.2008)

PLIDA certificate you can objectively indicate your level of knowledge of Italian at CVS, Subscribe to Italian University without making the Italian exam (level B2), get permission to stay long.

Our School And’ OFFICIAL CERTIFICATION CENTRE from 2009 and prepares candidates to take the exams with special courses, not mandatory, in order to register for the exam.

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The Certificate PLIDA certifies competence in Italian as a foreign language according to a scale of six levels, which represent different stages of language learning. The six levels of the range from A1 to PLIDA C2 difficulty progressive and correspond to the levels of the common European framework of reference of the Council of Europe (Q.C.E.)



Date of carrying out of examinations Levels
May 24, 2021

(registration by 14 May)

A2 - citizenship
0June 7, 2021

(registration by May 26th)

June 16, 2021

(registration by June 2nd)

B1 citizenship (oral exam only)

B1, B2, C1, C2 (full exam)

July 28, 2021

(registration by July 16th)

0September 6 (registration by 30 July)

B1, B2, (full exam)

B1 citizenship (just try TALK)


LEVEL A1 and A2 € 95,00

LEVEL B1 € 115,00

LEVEL B2 € 125,00

LEVEL C1 and C2 € 160,00

To register to send an email to and request the registration form and bank details to make the payment.

Test exam Plida 2015

For the recovery of the individual do not exceed abilities to a previously backed examination (within one year) the cost varies depending on the level and the number of skills to recover.

Please specify in the space reserved for the description of the transfer the name of the certification centre (Italian school of BOLOGNA) and the object of payment (PLIDA EXAMINATION).

To submit an application for registration for examinations, send un'emal, specifying the level and the examination session and indicating their personal details, to:
In the case of sessions with numerous candidates, oral evidence may continue in the days immediately following.

Please visit the site of the headquarters of the Dante Alighieri Society ( to PLIDA section where you will find information about:



The priority correction must be requested at the same enrollment examination, within the deadlines indicated in the exam timetable table.


This course is dedicated to those who want to take the PLIDA exam to achieve certification. The PLIDA Certification is an official qualification, recognized by the Italian State, necessary for foreigners who wish to demonstrate their knowledge of the language for work or study reasons. It aims at the acquisition of exam techniques through various exam simulations.


The level A1 (CONTACT) documents the ability to use simple everyday colloquial expressions in order to satisfy some specific needs, presenting personal information relating to oneself or to others. At this level of competence with native interaction can take place only through the direct collaboration of the partners.

The level A2 (survival) guarantees an autonomy in communicative contexts elementary: who owns it is able to carry out tasks related to some primary needs concerning the individual sphere, local geography, employment, purchases, and so on.

The level B1 (THRESHOLD) the ability to understand spoken and written texts related to family matters. Who owns it can interact in an Italian-speaking context where you are, for example, for tourism, and may use the English language to express opinions and give explanations in elementary form.

The level B2 (PROGRESS) demonstrate a proficiency in English language contexts related to expendable education (enrolment at schools and universities) and school (vocational courses, training courses, etc.) and work activities involving also the relationship with the public (trade or craft). Who owns can socialize with ease in an Italian-speaking environment and use the English language for work related to their field of specialization.

The level C1 (EFFECTIVENESS) assumes a remarkable confidence in the Italian language and reality, which can be used in complex work activities (professional activities within commercial, industrial or administrative). Who owns it can understand and produce complex texts, detecting even the meanings have been added, such as those that characterize the literary texts.

The level C2 (MASTERING) certifies a high linguistic competence comparable to that of a native speaker of good culture and redeemable in all professional fields. Is the level required to teach Italian as L2 and to hire highly qualified professional assignments.

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