My last lesson at Dante Bologna/La mia ultima lezione alla Dante a Bologna

Today, Friday, was my last lesson at Dante Alighieri, Bologna. The two weeks that I have spent here have been fantastic, and I want to say thank you to Lucia Gaudenzi, the Director, Angela and Brigida, her excellent teachers, and my to fellow students, Nat, Phing, Em and Ringo – my experience has been a dream come true…

Brigida and I met at the school at 9.30 and then set off for “Museo per la Memoria di Ustica”. I was not expecting to see what I saw, and I was initially rather shocked. On 27 June 1980 a DC9 plane, belonging to the company Itavia, set off from Bologna for Palermo in Sicily with 81 passengers on board, but tragically it never arrived. Perhaps a bomb or a missile caused the accident, maybe we will never know …. It crashed into the sea and all lives were lost. Over the years much of the wreakage has been recovered and the DC9 has been reconstructed over a wire frame. There are black mirrors all around the hall, one for every passenger, and voices whisper continuously. They ask questions of their loved ones … and seek closure and answers. There is also a film explaining what happened that day. The museum is a powerful memory to those who died .. An innovation of the city of Bologna … I found everything very moving and sad.

Brigida is really lovely. We walked and talked, saw the beautiful Sacro Cuore church, did some shopping and then had lunch at a very good Vegan resaurant called Fram Caffe’. I saw Brigida’s excellent photos on show there.

I then headed for home and had an ice cream and then a sleep and around 19.00 went down to the piazza, had a beer and some snacks and listened to a little jazz … What a life …

Thank you again to Dante Alighieri, to Bologna and to everyone who has been part of the last two weeks …. A truly remarkable experience …. And there is still more!

Today, Friday, it was my last lesson to Dante Alighieri. The two weeks spent at the school were beautiful ... Many thanks to Lucy Gaudenzi, the headmistress, Angela and Bridget, the two wonderful teachers and my fellow studio – my experience was a dream come true!

Bridget and I we met at the school at 9.30 and then we went to the museo per la memoria di Ustica. Not expecting what I saw and I was a bit shocked. On 27 June 1980 an airplane, DC9 Itavia's, went from Bologna to Palermo. Had 81 passengers aboard, but tragically non arrival '. There was an accident, perhaps caused by a bomb or a missile .... who knows, but all passengers have died at sea. Over time they found almost all the pieces and have reconstructed the plane over a wire frame. The wall of the Hall there are 81 black mirrors, one for each dead person qella night and there are rumors of whispering families. Want to know what were the problems and express the feelings of relatives. It is a very sad and moving ... An innovation of the city of Bologna and a strong reminder of what happened on June 27.

Bridget is very nice and polite. We walked and talked and we went shopping and then we ate some vegan to Fram coffee. I saw the exhibition of photos of Bridget in the restaurant-very nice.

Then I went home. I went to the ice cream shop – perhaps the best in the world and I ate ice cream. I took a NAP and then I took a beer in the square ... There was jazz music ... That life .... See you soon

Thanks again to Dante Alighieri, in Bologna and all ... The last two weeks have been beautiful .... An unforgettable experience! And there's even more!