Music, Art and friends/the music, art and friends

Yesterday I had my last lesson with Angela and the guys, who depart for Rome tomorrow for a few days. I was so sad and will miss them all. It is amazing how quickly one can form friendships. Thank you all for a great time. Brigitta and I will explore another museum today and I look forward to that. We spoke about Lucio Dalla during our lesson and also listened to his music … his beautiful songs, “Caruso” and “4 March 1943″ and many more. There is another singer from here, Francesco Guccini, who sings about his city … Bologna e’ una vecchia signora ….. I spent the afternoon at the Palazzo Fava, looking at an exhibition on the art of Bologna over the years from Cimabue to Morandi. It was excellent, and also the building – dont forget, you need to examine everything! I saw a Lamborghini on my way – what a car. Last night I went out with a lovely family from Bologna, friends of Sue and Joe. Thank you Christian, Mia and Greta for a wonderful evening.

Yesterday it was my last lesson with Angela and kids. I was very trieste – it's so easy to make good friendship ... I mancherate much all of you! Thank you very much! Brigetta today and I are going to a Museum – can't wait. During our lesson we talked about Lucio Dalla and his music ... How wonderful... We heard "Cannon" and "March 4, 1943" and many other beautiful songs. There's another singer in Bologna, Francesco Guccini, and he writes of his city. Bologna is an old lady ... I spent the afternoon at the Palazzo Fava. I saw an art exhibition in Bologna titled from Cimabue to Morandi. It was excellent, and the building. Don't forget to look around here! I also saw a Lamborghini when caminavo for the streets ... That car! In the evening I went out with a wonderful family of friends, Sue and Joe Palmer ... Many thanks to Christiaan, Mia and Greta an evening beautiful!