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Rai 3 dedicated a service to Società Dante Alighieri

IL MONDO IN ITALIANO – In the heart of Rome, headquarters in more than 400 locations in 60 countries. The Società Dante Alighieri, a veritable multinational of our language. And the cultural arm of the Farnesina.

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Image taken by RAI. Outside of the national headquarters in Rome
Image taken by RAI. Outside of the national headquarters in Rome
Image taken from the RAI service. teaches at the Dante Alighieri Society.
Image taken by RAI. Teaching activities at the Dante Alighieri Society
Image taken from the RAI service. Interview with Bruno Bottai, President of the Società Dante Alighieri
Image taken by RAI.
Interview with Bruno Bottai, Chairman of the Società Dante Alighieri



The Dante Alighieri cultural stays offer a rich programme of guided tours and excursions to explore the territory, knowing the history, art and traditions. Are aimed at those who want to improve Italian in preparation for the frequency of a university course of studies in Italy and all those who want to Learn the language without giving up the pleasure of a holiday.


The cultural programme takes place from Monday to Friday, from 9.30 to 13.00 and provides guided visits to places of historic and artistic interest in the city of Bologna, as the incredible Complex of “Seven Churches” piazza s. Stefano, the terracotta of the masterpiece Lamentation over the dead Christ by Niccolò dell ’ Ark, the wonderful Archiginnasiothe visit to the characteristic historical center Quadrilateral etc. (see the page “ACTIVITIES’ CULTURAL AWARENESS” of this site) preceded by an introduction in the House.

The morning program, you can add optional tours and excursions, afternoon or everyday, such as:

  • Bologna "città del cibo": lunch in one of the ancient Inns Bologna, where you can discover and taste the famous dishes of rich local gastronomic tradition.
  • Visit to Sanctuary of St. Luke, one of the symbols of Bologna, along the 666 arches of the portico unique in the world for its entire length.
  • The middle market”: shopping in grocery stores and, finally, "the aperitif in pescheria".
  • Afternoon excursion to Ferrara, città del Rinascimento, UNESCO World Heritage.
  • Afternoon excursion to Ravenna, Mosaic del city, UNESCO World Heritage.
  • "Museums": visit of the Archiginnasio and some museums in Bologna.
  • Venice : daily excursion (Saturday).
  • The castello di Gradara: daily excursion (Saturday) the medieval di Gradara and visit to the Castle, where the tragedy took place di Paolo and Francesca da Dante, narrated in the fifth Canto of the Inferno.


Castello di Gradara
Paolo and Francesca
Paolo and Francesca – The Divine Comedy, Inferno, canto V
Ravenna-Dante Alighieri's Tomb
Marina di Ravenna-Church of St. Francis
Marina di Ravenna – Church of s. Francesco
Ravenna: mosaics
Castle Estense in Ferrara