Bologna with Beatrice/ Bologna con Beatrice

I spent the day with Beatrice, and it was lovely and a great privilege. She lives in Bologna, so knows it very well. She took me to see beautiful churches like Corpus Domini, San Paolo Maggiore and the Church of SS Salvatore. We wandered through narrow streets where we found ancient pharmacies and lovely buildings and shops. We ended up near the university, and had some lunch, then went to the Botany department, one of the places where she studied, and afterwards to the Department of Anatomy, where she worked for many years. Here, there is a wonderful museum, il Museo delle Cere Anatomiche Luigi Cattenao and Beatrice organised for me to go on a tour of it with Professor Luisa Leonardi, and Christian Mancini. Everything was so interesting. In this department, for the first time in the 1600s, they used bees’ wax models of various parts of the body showing veins, blood vessels, organs and various types of medical problems, to teach the students. The models were used together with a text book, and Bologna University was said to be the best university in Europe, especially for medicine. It is still very highly rated today and is the oldest university in Europe. Thank you for a wonderful day. The medical photos are for James, Cathy, Lucy, Grant and Wilma.

Today I spent a wonderful day together with Beatrice – what a privilege! Lives in Bologna and so is familiar with the city. We have seen many beautiful churches – Corpus Christi, San Paolo Maggiore and San Salvatore. We did a walk through the narrow streets and we found the ancient pharmacy, beautiful buildings and shops. We ate anything close to school and then we went to the Botanical Institute where Beatrice studied for 2 years, and later at the anatomical Institute where she worked. There is a wonderful Museum, the Museum of anatomical waxes Luigi Cattaneo. Beatrice I arranged a trip to the Museum with Professor Luisa Leonardi, Christian M. It was a very interesting experience. In this Department of the University, for the first time in the 800, used wax models to teach medicine to students. Knowledge of the human body was much improved. Models made by Francesco Mondini, by Louis heat and Cesare Taruffi form today a collection of normal and pathological human anatomy a bit special! Bologna was considered one of the best universities of the world, especially for the medicine. Today the University is excellent and is the oldest university in Europe. Thanks to a special day ... I appreciate it. You have to see the Museum of anatomical waxes! Medical photos are especially for James, Cathy, Lucy, Grant and Wilma!