Beautiful people, markets and food!,/Persone and food markets

Another beautiful day in Bologna. Brigetta taught us, as Angela was studying and we covered the subjunctive tense. I was interested to hear that she had read JM Coetzee’s book, Disgrace, at university. In the story, he goes to Salem which is close to Grahamstown, where I was born. I am enjoying the classes very much. I met Beatrice, Odoardo’s sister, for the first time – a lovely lady – and she, Reanda and I went out for lunch – the food is excellent here and we had a wonderful meal – I ate torteloni. Afterwards we explored the market off via Independenza – lots of bags, shoes etc. I will return to do some shopping. I arrived home at about 6 – thank you both for a lovely day. Then, in the evening, I met Mauro for the first time – he is interested in the South Africans who died in Italy during the 2nd World War and is a friend of Colonels Joe and Sue Palmer, SAAF. We walked into town and ate at another wonderful restaurant – a beer, tagliatelle and salad. All was very good. Bologna was playing an important soccer match, maybe to move into another division, but unfortunately we didnt see the result. The Bologna team wears a red and blue strip. We talked and walked and had an ice cream. I saw the spot where the first Maserati was made. Mauro is very charming – thank you for a wonderful evening. I am not eating today …. Baci a tutti .. The Joburg Wonderer

Another beautiful day in Bologna .... Brigetta taught us today – Angela had to study. We did the subjunctive ... Goodness me. The lessons are wonderful. I was surprise-Brigetta read at University a South African book-Disgrace by J.M. Coetzee – in the book the protagonist goes to Salem, near Grahamstown, my birthplace. After class I have Neven and Beatrice met – you're Odoardo's sister and is very nice and looks a lot like his brother. We ate together – the food is excellent here, especially the torteloni! Then we went to the market in via Independenza – many handbags, shoes etc – I have to go back to shopping! Thanks to both for a beautiful day. At 20.00 I met for the first time – Mauro interested to South Africans who died during the second world war and is the friend of Colonel Joe and His Colonel Palmer, SAAF. We ate at another restaurant, Osteria della Fondazza – a beer, taglietelle and salad. Everything was delicious. Bologna played to football – a game important. But I haven't seen the result. Strip him of the team's blue and red. We took a walk down the street of the city and we ate a good ice cream. I saw the place where they built the first Maserati. Mauro is very charming ... Thanks for a nice evening. Do not eat for at least two days ... Kisses to all ... The Joburg Wonderer.