Beautiful Bologna!

After a long flight, and a full body search at Frankfurt Airport, we arrived safe and sound in Bologna. I took a taxi to my accommodation and the driver, Davide, taught me a new word. There are trees all over, and I told him about dry Joeys. He said that Bologna had just “rinverdita” ( regreened) after the long winter … I liked that! We found my accommodation and it is amazing, everything I need, including wifi. I unpacked and then got lost in this truly beautiful medieval city. Ther are porticoes everywhere, magnificent churches, towers, books, art, clothes to die for, shops full of interesting things, friendly people and ICE CREAM ….. MMM ….. More tomorrow

Bellissma Bologna

After a long flight and a complete control at Frankfurt airport, we arrived healthy and Hello Bologna. I went by taxi to my accommodation and driver taught me a new Word ... There are so green trees everywhere and we talked about Jo'burg so dry right now and he said that Bologna is just after the long winter rinverdita ... I liked this word. We found the hotel and perfect for me. It's all there and then there's also free wifi. I have undone the suitcase and then I met myself in Bologna. It is a medieval town and really nice, full of porticoes, ERS, wonderful churches, ' to die for ' as they say in English, books, people friendly and ice cream ... MMMM ... Until tomorrow then ...