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500 world Committees

The Società Dante Alighieri is an Italian cultural institution whose aim is to protect and promote the language and the Italian culture in the world; He is a member of’EUNIC (European Union National Institutes for Culture – National Culture institutions of the European Union).

THE Dante Alighieri Society committees are over 500, including about 100 in Italy and more than 400 elsewhere in the world.


European committees

European committees

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Presentation book Gustavo Raffi “IN THE NAME OF MAN”

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Thursday, June 21 the Committee of Bologna of the Dante Alighieri Society presents the book of Grand Master Gustavo Raffi, "In the name of man"

Secularism, values and thoughts for the Italy of tomorrow. Thursday, June 21, at 18, in Bologna, at the Conference Room of Baraccano (via Santo Stefano No. 119), the Società Dante Alighieri Bologna will host the presentation of the book of the great master Gustavo Raffi In the name of man. From Renaissance to modernity, the role of the Grand Orient in United Italy (preface by Paolo Peluffo, with an essay by Saints Fan), published by Mursia. The presentation will be the author, Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy, and the curator of the volume, the journalist Gerardo Picardo. The introduction will be by Avv. Prof. Angelo Scavone, President of the Società Dante Alighieri in Bologna. The meeting is open to the public. The proceeds of the sales of the book, now in its fourth edition, is entirely donated by the big East at Night and Small Nurseries onlus cosmos.

"Rebels for truth and workers hope. Men's new spring ": Gustavo Raffi, 1999 driving the Grand Orient of Italy, defines thus the Freemasons: 21,500 Brothers throughout Italy, to 777 lodges. Men of doubt that sterrano streets to the meeting of different cultures and faiths, abbracciandole in the Pantheon of humanity. For their masonry is civil religion, freedom, a secular Cathedral. Have a purpose: to educate a generation of rebels, free consciousness against the close-mindedness and conformism. For years they have opened wide the doors of the Villa Vascello, national headquarters of the order, and comparing every day to face the great themes of secularism and shared choices. Have a history of struggle for freedom and played a key role in the unification of the country, but their time is the future.

In these pages about love, life and thought, the Grand Master Raffi recounted his bet: that of a masonry that is output from the catacombs and dialogues to sunlight with the company of which it is part, helping to make history with people and projects. A group of men who do not belong to anyone and tirelessly works for the benefit and progress of mankind. Men of doubt have one secret: the brotherhood. Stay together, in a way never finished journey. Seek truth upwind, working the rough stone of their formation and pledging to build pathways to justice and solidarity, with concrete works. These men have no magic recipes but teach that you can be sentinels of the night and harmony. Nourish dreams possible and time have made their choice: stand on the side of the man. This book is part of their history, a map for a never-ending quest.