A lesson, wonderful shops and books/una lezione,i negozi meravigliosi e i libri

Buona sera …. Today was cooler … We had an excellent lesson with Angela, as our outing had to be postponed because everything closes here on Mondays. Tomorrow, however, we will go to the Palazzo Poggi. Then I will tell you all about it. We went shopping in the “bestest” shops in downtown Bologna this afternoon, and I bought a book recommended to me by Angela. I had supper at San Tommaso – the food here is really good – tonight I ate only the second plate – beef and veggies, white wine, bread sticks and a limoncello! Wow! Good night, as I am nodding off … Baci

Good evening... Today was cool anymore. We had an interesting lesson with Angela. Our ride has been erased, because all museums close every Monday, but we're going out tomorrow to Palazzo Poggi and ricontero. In the afternoon we have been shopping in stores and I bought a book, recommended by Angela. I ate at St. Thomas tonight, only the second dish – the food was good-beef, vegetables, wine, limoncello and grisini wow! Good night, I have to lay here ... Kisses