7 June/7 giugnio – a hot and steamy day in Bologna/afa a Bologna

This morning I wanted to see San Michele in bosco, but when I arrived it had just closed. I did, however, see the superb views of Bologna and will return tomorrow. Couldnt face the walk down, then luckily a bus arrived, so decided to head for the station where I picked up a train for Ferrara. Marco who works at San Tommaso lives there and recommended it. It is a lovely place, much smaller than Bologna, but the weather was steamy, so I explored the cathedral, some of the lovely streets and the market, then noticed a wonderful art exhibition in the castle and decided to go there. Works by an Italian impressionist artist, Boldini. The castle, itself, is also very interesting. Afterwards went to the station, caught the train, then the bus and was home in no time. It all works so well, and my transport-catching skills are improving. Air conditioning came on here yesterday. Have just done the washing and am off to bed. Baci e buona notte xxx forgot to mention that there are heaps of bikes in Ferrara – city of bicycles

This morning I wanted to go see San Michele in Bosco, but when I arrived, it was closed. I saw, however, a beautiful view of Bologna, and return tomorrow. I didn't have the energy to do a walk so I took a bus to the station and went to Ferrara, because mark, who works at St. Thomas, lives there. It's a beautiful place, but it was so hot ... I explored a little narrow streets, the Cathedral and the market and then I saw an art exhibit at the Castle – an Italian Impressionist paintings, Boldini – that paintings – after that I took a train and a bus and are returned home – everything works so well here. Since yesterday there's air conditioning in the hotel. I just did the laundry and so good night and kisses xxx I forgot – Ferrara is a city of bikes!